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#1 2018-04-30 15:06:56

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Masternode Testing in Progress

Masternode development is now at the testing stage. We are coupling it with a complete redesign of the DGC identity (new wallet design, website refresh, and whitepaper).

Our team successfully ported our current multi-algorithm functionality to the new code base. This will allow us to implement decentralised governance and soft fork enabled by developer majority (possibly in tandem with Masternodes), while still maintaining the advantages of multiple algorithms securing the network.

Since launching in 2013 as a pure Scrypt coin, Digitalcoin has never shied away from implementing improvements. A couple of years ago, we saw the opportunity to increase our security and rely less on a single algorithm and so we introduced SHA-256 and X11 as mining options.

Our community has successfully hard forked multiple times to implement rule changes that improve the economy and functionality of Digitalcoin.  Stay tuned for our biggest hard fork yet!


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